Welcome to the Muskingum Valley Catfish Association!

Welcome to The Muskingum Valley Catfish Association! Our main focus is to provide a series of cat-fishing tournaments throughout southeastern Ohio.

Whether you’re a serious catfish angler or just like having fun going after the big cats, we invite you to join us and put your skills to the test!


MVCATS 2014 Tournaments

April 26Buckeye Lake7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA
May 17Dillon Lake7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA
June 21Seneca Lake7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA
July 19Dillon Lake7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA
August 23Salt Fork Lake
(Iron Man)
8:00 AM
8:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 AM
Sept. 20Ohio River
7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA
Oct. 11Seneca Lake7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA


End-Of-Season Meeting Notes

Just a couple of announcements as a result of the breakfast meeting…

1. A tentative 2014 schedule was determined. This schedule will be finalized once all the paperwork is completed for each of the tournament sites.
2. A change to the point system was approved by all present. Starting with the 2014 Tournament Series, points will only be awarded for channels and blues for participation and for weight. There will no longer be “bonus” points awarded for placing or Big Fish. Also, in the Flathead pots, points will only be awarded for weight of fish. There will no longer be points awarded for a First Place finish.

Other than that, everyone just pigged out and had a good time!

End-Of-Season Meeting

There will be an End-Of-Season Meeting held at 10:00 AM Sunday, Nov. 17th, at the Golden Corral on Northpointe in Zanesville. Awards will be presented to the winners of this year’s tournament series. In addition, the schedule for next year will be discussed, along with any possible rule changes. Please try to attend in order to help make next year a big a success!

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