Welcome to the Muskingum Valley Catfish Association!

Welcome to The Muskingum Valley Catfish Association! Our main focus is to provide a series of cat-fishing tournaments throughout southeastern Ohio.

Whether you’re a serious catfish angler or just like having fun going after the big cats, we invite you to join us and put your skills to the test!


MVCATS 2014 Tournaments

April 26Buckeye Lake
7:00 PM7:00 AMJames Wesney & Craig Shirey
May 17Dillon Lake
June 21Seneca Lake
7:00 PM7:00 AMJason Landis & Jerry Barcus
July 19Dillon Lake
7:00 PM7:00 AMJason Landis & Jerry Barcus
August 23Salt Fork Lake
(Iron Man)
8:00 AM
8:00 PM
4:00 PM
8:00 AM
James Wesney & Craig Shirey
Sept. 20Ohio River
7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA
Oct. 11Seneca Lake
7:00 PM7:00 AMTBA


8/22/14 Salt Fork Iron Man Results

Sorry about the pictures taken in the morning. The camera cooperated with me as much as the catfish did…

First – James Wesney & Craig Shirey – Day: 6 fish, 12lb 8oz; Night: 6 fish, 35lb 2oz; Total: 12 fish, 47lb 10oz. Big Fish also went to James & Craig for a 9lb 9oz channel cat. 58 points.
Second – Dave Crawford & Kip Armstrong – Day: 6 fish, 20lb 15oz; Night: 4 fish, 13lb 15oz; Total: 10 fish, 34lb 14oz. 45 points.
Third – Jesse Shirey & Chase Runyon – Day: 5 fish, 18lb 4oz; Night: 4 fish, 10lb 2oz; Total: 9 fish, 28lb 6oz. 38 points.
Fourth – Scooter Shirey & Joe Rogers – Day: 6 fish, 13lb 3oz; Night: 6 fish, 10lb 7oz; Total: 12 fish, 23lb 10oz. 34 points.
Fifth – Jason Landis & Jerry Barcus – Day: 1 fish, 1lb 12oz; Night: 3 fish, 13lb 8oz; Total: 4 fish, 15lb 4oz. 25 points.
Sixth – Pete Malcolm & Mike Hoskinson – Day: 5 fish, 6lb 8oz; Night: Did Not Weigh; Total: 5 fish, 6lb 8oz. 17 points.

Flathead Pot:
No flathead entries were weighed.

Don’t Forget Your Kiddie Poles!

The upcoming Iron Man tournament is the famous “Kiddie Pole” challenge!

Remember, during the day portion of the tournament on Saturday you are ONLY allowed to fish with “kiddie” poles. You know, those little ones with the cartoon characters on them that usually come complete with a plastic fish tied to the end of the line.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email us and we’ll be glad to answer them.

This: Barbie_pole

Not This: usb-pole-dancer